You are currently viewing Yosemite Valley in Spring; The Man In The Mountain.  (Yosemite #3)

Yosemite Valley in Spring; The Man In The Mountain. (Yosemite #3)

Yosemite Valley In Spring; The Man In The Mountain. (Yosemite Series #3)

Beautiful Yosemite Valley in Spring, shows waterways full from melting snow, and greenery, trees, and tall rugged mountains all around.  There typically are not as many people in Yosemite in the Spring time.  All the rivers and waterfalls swell up and end up coursing through the valley floor as everything springs back to life.

John Muir and President Roosevelt will always be remembered for preserving Yosemite National Park so future generations could enjoy it and soak it all in.  One person sure can make a difference.

Take a closer look and see if you can find “The Man In The Mountain”.  Hint:  It’s on the far right. 

The sun just hit the rocks and snow and ice just right giving the appearance of a man’s head with a full white beard, much like some of the old time photographs of John Muir and other pioneers.  Once you see his face, then it appears like a shoulder comes out and a slightly bent arm extends to the ground.  A true mountain man!  Once you find him, you can’t see this photograph without seeing “the mountain man” with him looking across the valley like a guardian or protector of Yosemite.

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