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Yosemite Falls - it will leave you speechless.

Yosemite Falls, #4

NL Galbraith's Yosemite Falls (photograph #4 in the Yosemite Series)

Yosemite Falls. (#4 in my Yosemite series).  This is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world – a double hitter, with the upper and lower falls! 


Yosemite Falls – it will leave you speechless.

The best time to see this is in mid to late spring after a really high snow pack from the winter, so the spring melt off is huge.   You can tell the giganticness of these falls just by looking at the ant sized people way below on the valley floor.  The thundering sound of so much water catapulting over the upper cliffs, the raw power of it,  together with the enormous descent it makes of about 2,425 feet from top to bottom,  and all the mist thrown into the air, is just so incredible to witness it will leave you speechless.  Not to mention all the fabulous redwood trees along the route to the base of the falls.  This is another place you will want to have one of those rain slickers/ponchos to keep dry, but you’ll still have to watch your step because the rocks get a little slick close to the falls.  If you can go there when there is a full moon, there actually is a “moonbow”.  It’s just like a rainbow except it’s at night with the mist from the falls under a full moon, a “moonbow” becomes visible.  There is no place else like the great Yosemite!   Everyone should experience it at least once in their life time.  It’s truly awesome!  During the summer months you might be lucky enough to catch a “one man” play in Yosemite Valley depicting John Muir’s vision and efforts,  together with President Roosevelt, to preserve Yosemite for future generations to enjoy, by making Yosemite a National Park in the U.S.

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