You are currently viewing The painting, “Surprise Beyond The Blue Tiled Stairs”, wins again in July!
A Special Merit Award goes to NL Galbraith for her painting, "Beyond the Blue Tiled Stairs"!

The painting, “Surprise Beyond The Blue Tiled Stairs”, wins again in July!

To repeat, it wins again!

A “Special Merit Award” goes to the artist NL Galbraith of NL Galbraith Fine Art (.com) in San Diego, CA for her painting titled, “Surprise Beyond The Blue Tiled Stairs”. This is the second time this same painting has won in a color themed competition this year!

Another win for this painting!


A “Special Merit Award” goes to NL Galbraith for her painting, “Surprise Beyond the Blue Tiled Stairs”!


This prestigious competition, the Second Annual “Primary Colors”, is hosted by Light Space & Time. Out of 772 entries from around the world, this San Diego artist was awarded a “Special Merit Award”. Her painting will be on exhibit for the entire month of July. You can see her painting and many others by NL by clicking here at to go to her website, then click on Fine Art Giclees.   By clicking a link, you can order good quality copies of this fine art painting  (in print, framed and unframed, or on canvas).  You can also purchase copies of this artwork via a link –  printed on t-shirts, phone cases, masks, beach and bath towels, pillows, stationary, cards, and many other items through her website, plus many other pieces of art.   It’s well worth exploring.

NL Galbraith has been painting on and off for over 25 years. In January of 2020 she opened her new art business and website at: In the first three months of opening her new art business, six of her paintings were honored to be included in three different winning exhibitions. In April and May she was planning to begin doing some outdoor art festivals but they were all cancelled due to the Corona Virus.  Then in July NL won an award for this painting, which is the 2nd time this year this painting has been noticed and honored with an award.  

NL believes everyone should fill their world with art, good art, motivating art.  Art you can get lost in.  Art that lifts us and  inspires us to dream larger, and reach farther.  She states that,  “Good art lets our imaginations stretch.  It reminds us of happy moments, it calms us down, it fires us up, and it evokes smiles or deep thought. Some art is an investment that could grow more valuable over time, but it really is valuable if it helps one to do better and be better.   So, “art up” everyone you love, and live well with art.”  What you see everyday in your surroundings can have a profound effect on how your day goes, and your year.   

NL Galbraith is thrilled to win this Special Merit Award in July 2020 for her painting “Surprise Beyond The Blue Tiled Stairs”. This colorful, quaint, quirky, and charming painting makes stairs look fun to climb. It might leave you guessing where it leads to …. like every turn in life.