Sailing The Big Blue Pacific Ocean On The "Star Of India"

The finished version of this image of the “Star Of India” is sharper, at a higher resolution, and the watermark will be removed.  For more information about this image click on the following links:    or

The “Star Of India” sailing ship is the 4th oldest ship in the US, and the world’s 2nd oldest active sailing ship. She was built in Great Britain in 1863 and was originally named the Euterpe. She helped build the US, defend the US, and established trading routes.  Her history is remarkable and worth searching out.  She can be seen and boarded at the docks in San Diego harbor.  Her rigging is a marvel to behold.  The US flag proudly flies off her stern. 

This image is actually a composite with a bit of help from photoshop.  It is difficult to get a good photograph of her sitting at dock due to all the tourism and a busy harborside in the city.  The ship against the sky is one photo I used after removing people, signs, traffic lights,  other boats, and more; then it was placed on another cropped photograph of the ocean; then some minor editing smoothed out the kinks.  As a tourist, this would be the picture I would want to capture, not the one with all the city harborside hubub going on around her.    or