We’re In It Together Star

We’re In It Together…each day brings new opportunities.  This has colorful artwork inside the letters in the heading, followed by a  star burst that fills half of the page.  Under this are words of encouragement, hope, and perspective to still have a happy and full life.  We each have to make the best of these trying times, and sometimes it’s nice to read or hear words of encouragement.  It would be a nice card or coffee mug to receive from a friend or relative.

TO ORDER:  All prints ordered will be a better quality (a higher resolution) and the watermarks will be removed.   You can order this printed on paper, canvas, wood, or metal.   You can also have this printed on many other items such as stationary, cards, coffee mugs, and more items by clicking on this link –  https://pixels.com/profiles/nl-galbraith


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Each day brings new opportunities…


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