Waiting For You – On Exhibit For The Entire Month Of February!

A small dog sitting on a yellow love seat in a red room with a flowering vine painting, waits for his new owners to come home and play ball with him.   Be a voice for those who can’t speak by supporting your local pound, animal shelters, and the SPCA.  A portion of every sale of this painting’s giclees will be given to help support animals in need.    To order prints, framed or unframed, or t-shirts, cards and many other items please click on this link  –  https://pixels.com/profiles/nl-galbraith

Friends once had this adorable little dog, he was always wagging his tail.  A real happy go lucky animal, and so cute he made you smile.  Then they told me the story of how they got him.  They had considered buying a small dog for some time.  After weighing their options they decided to try the animal shelters or pounds in their local area first.  They planned to go on a Sunday afternoon to look at the available pets. Something came up that almost made them cancel their plans, but luckily it was resolved, so off they went to the animal shelter.  That’s where they met “George”, a small  dog that didn’t shed and was good for people with allergies because he had hair instead of fur.  George was so happy to meet them he was wagging his tail like crazy and licking their hands.  Well, they fell in love with George and decided to take him home with them that very day.  While they were checking him out to adopt him, the vet’s assistant told them how lucky they were to have stopped by that day.  She explained that George had been owned by an elderly person who could no longer care for him, and he had been with them for quite some time. They had all become attached to him.   His full name was George W, which made them all chuckle a bit.   She further explained if they had waited one more day or until the following weekend to look for a pet, George would not have been there anymore, because his time was up.  They could only keep an animal for so long.  There are just too many animals that need good homes and they couldn’t care for them all.  Some animals end up being destroyed which is heartbreaking.  So they were very fortunate to have found George when they did.  And George was the most fortunate of all, to have been granted a pardon of sorts, and to find such a loving home with people who petted him, played ball with him, and took him on walks.  Everyday when they come home from work now, there is that happy little dog without a care in the world, wagging his tail to greet them and so happy to see them.  In the next year they planned to have children, and George was the perfect dog for that, too.  Any child would love to have a happy little dog to run and play with.

George always reminded me of my Aunt’s little dog named “Killer”, who was the nicest and friendliest little dog.  I think my Uncle probably named him with a smirk on his face and a twinkle in his eyes.  He always had a good sense of humor.  I have heard some really fun names for dogs over the years.  Like an overweight basset hound whose belly rubbed the ground and rubbed his fur off there, who was named “axle rod”.  And a golden retriever mix that had darker fur around his eyes like a mask,  that retrieved every “welcome” mat in the neighborhood on a regular basis, who was named “Bandit”.  Bandit was a really friendly dog that everyone liked in spite of his shortcomings, but occasionally he got out of the fenced in back yard.   People were often ringing their door bell asking if they happen to have seen their welcome mat, and sometimes other items as well.  It actually brought the neighbors together, usually laughing.  Even quirks can be endearing.   If you have any funny animal names, or stories, we’d love to hear them.  A portion of the profits from sales of this painting will be donated to animal shelters, pounds, or the SPCA.

“Waiting For You” is available in small to very large sizes, up to 17.5″ wide x30″ high for the giclee.   If you add a matte and frame, it could enlarge the overall size to approximately  22″ wide x 35″ high.  Contact us if you want a size not listed here, or for large orders.

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This is a sweet rescue dog from the pound, waiting for his new owners to come home and play with him.  This painting was a finalist in the “Red” art competition and was on exhibit for the month of March in 2020.  A portion of the sale’s profits will be donated to local shelters/pounds, and/or the SPCA.   Read below for the story.


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Giclee Printed On:

Epson Hot Press Bright Archival 100% cotton rag paper; OR, Epson Hot Press Bright Archival 100% cotton rag paper , matted and framed (you select the matte and frame colors); OR, 21 mil. Archival canvas stretch wrapped around a 1 1/2" deep stretcher bars (you select a matte, satin, or gloss UV coating) ready to hang; OR, 21 mil. Archival canvas stretch wrapped around 1 1/5" deep stretcher bars, and adding a floating frame around the stretched canvas (you select a matte, satin, or gloss UV coating for the canvas; and select the floating frame color).

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8.7"x15", 14"x24", 17.5"x30"

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None, White, Off White, Black

Frame Colors (for cotton rag only):

None, Matte White, Matte Black, Walnut

UV coating type (for canvas only):

None, Matte, Satin, Gloss

Floating frame color (for canvas only):

None, Black, White, Espresso, Silver