Violet Flower On A Vine

Every time I wear a t-shirt with this artwork printed on it, people stop me to find out where to get one because they like it so much.  There are about 7 different varieties of single flowers available at this time in different colors and styles, each one is  placed on the same vine.    This soft violet flower is a personal favorite.  It also looks great as wall art, or on throw pillows, comforters, sweat shirt jackets, and more.  The background is actually transparent so it can be printed on many different colors for striking results.

TO ORDER: All  orders will be a better quality print (with a higher dpi) and the watermarks will be removed.  You can order this artwork printed on paper, canvas, wood, or metal.   You can also order many items with this artwork printed on it such as on t-shirts, beach towels, coffee mugs, throw pillows, stationary, totes, and many more items by clicking on this link  –


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Every time I wear a t-shirt with this artwork on it, people stop me to ask where to get one.


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