The Malecon Arches & Miragalante Galleon

This is an old restored photograph of the Miragalante Galleon sailing vessel which is heading out of the bay for a dinner cruise in Puerto Vallarta. The locals have dubbed it “the pirate ship”.   It is sailing right past the Malecon Arches on the beach.   This photo is  a little grainy, however, the subject matter itself has made this photograph very worthwhile and worthy of hanging on your walls, or reducing and printing on many different items.  Afterall, how many real life pirate ships are there today?  Not many, and none that I know of that sailed past these beautiful arches.  The original photograph had a few people in it which detracted from the incredible scenery so they have been removed. This piece would look great in a dining room, den, study, or office.  Pair it with a black frame, a white matte with a  1/8″ to 1/4″ black liner and it will turn into a conversation piece where ever it hangs.  It also looks good printed on different items.  Think of how many boys dreamed of being on a pirate ship.  This makes a great gift for the men folk in your life.

TO ORDER:    All artwork sold will be a better quality than shown here,  it will have a higher resolution, and the water mark will be removed.  This artwork can be printed on paper, canvas, wood, or metal;  with or without a frame.  This can also be printed on many different items such as on t-shirts, masks, bags, totes, phone cases, phone chargers,  cards, pillows, yoga mats, towels, and so much more by clicking on this link  –

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Most boys have dreamed of swash buckling.


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