The Back Side Of Half Dome, Yosemite #5

The back side of Half Dome is just as spectacular in beauty as the front side, with a chrysal clear mountain stream making its way over the rocks nearby.  This photograph was taken in the summertime, because in the springtime most of these rocks would be under water by several feet of rushing water.  But even the depth of this stream can be deceiving as to how deep and how fast the water is moving.  What looks like a few inches deep, could actually be a few feet deep and moving fast enough to knock you off balance.  These types of beautiful scenes are everywhere in Yosemite National Park. Occasionally you might even catch of glimpse of deer, raccoons, and maybe even a bear.  Hang any of these Yosemite photographs in your office and when ever you need a break these photos will transport you to Yosemite, far away from work stress.

TO ORDER: All prints will be a better quality with a higher resolution and the water mark will be removed.  You can order this image printed on paper, on canvas, on wood, or on metal.  You can also order this photograph printed on many different items such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, towels, face masks, and many other items by clicking on this link –


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