Neighbors With Missiles

Neighbors With Missiles is a colorful abstract geometric mixed media painting showing the paths of missiles being launched from someone’s green back yard with flowers, sending the missiles across the water to its targets… their neighbors.  Two targets are exploding under the cross hairs, and more are on the way to their targets.  Checkered ends of streaming dotted missile trails  sometimes cross over each other.  Inspired by Kandinsky and the evening news.

TO ORDER:  All orders will be a better quality with a higher resolution, and all watermarks will be removed.  You can order this art image printed on quality paper, canvas, acrylic, or metal; framed or unframed.  You can also order this image printed on many different items that make great gifts such as on: mugs, puzzles, phone cases, chargers,  cards, stationary, t-shirts, tote bags, and many more items by clicking here:


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