Musketeer is a watercolor portrait study (with my own twist) of an old painting of a musketeer from the early 1600’s; based on an old painting in the public domain. His elaborate clothing made by hand; is tatted, sewn, and embroidered with ornately patterned puffy sleeves, elaborate needlework and buttons, complete with a large hat, a wide lace collar and a cummerbund around his waist with the hilt of his sword at his side.

TO ORDER:  All orders will be a better quality with a higher resolution, and all watermarks will be removed.  You can order this image printed on quality paper, canvas, acrylic, or metal; framed or unframed.  You can also order this image printed on many different items that make great gifts such as on mugs, cards, puzzles, phone cases, chargers, masks, pillows and more items by going to:


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