Mexican Hustle

Every day these high energy sales people take their spot by the beach.  They talk to the tourists hoping one will buy something from them to remind them later of this great trip they went on.  They are all full of smiles and often try to upsell you so you’ll  buy gifts for others at home, too.  I’ve often heard “Senorita, Senorita, over here, over here, I have something beautiful just for you.  Come, look.  Just for you.”  They are really good sales people and they really put themselves out there, every day.  You don’t see that type of thing in the US often, but US ports can get a little crowded with souvenir shops.

TO ORDER: All prints ordered will be a better quality (higher dpi) and the watermarks will be removed.  You can get this artwork printed on paper, canvas, wood, or metal;  You can also get it printed on many different items such as on t-shirts, beach towels, coffee mugs, stationary, face masks, and many more items by clicking on this link to our Fine Art America site  –


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