Leaving The Islands By Boat

This watercolor has aqua/turquoise and white clouds in the sky over the plush green tropical islands.  There is a reflection of aqua and turquoise merging into deeper blue in the ocean waters,  with a small sparkling wake from the stern view or  back of the boat.  Available in small to very large sizes.

Also note:  “Leaving The Island By Boat” and “The Surprise Beyond The Blue Tiled Stairs”, when hung next to each another, compliment one another well.

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This is a scenic ocean view, including a sparkling boat wake, while sailing away from tropical islands and beaches at the end of a beautiful day.

TO ORDER COPIES of this artwork (prints, canvas, or framed), or printed on t-shirts, face masks,  beach towels, phone cases, phone chargers, stationary, bedding, pillows, shower curtains, coffee mugs and many more items, please click on this link:       https://pixels.com/profiles/nl-galbraith