California Coastal Flight

It is so much fun to fly up and down the California Coastline where it’s permitted, high above the ocean, beaches, bluffs and  rugged cliffs, and terrain changes.  On one side of the airplane you can watch the occasional pod of dolphins jumping the waves or the rare toot of a whale, or possibly spot a great white shark.  You’ll also see seals sunbathing on buoys, and sometimes you might see  a perfectly spaced row of pelicans flying/soaring just above the water.   There will likely be a few pleasure or fishing boats and ships near the horizon line;  and surfers sitting out on their boards in places beyond the surf line waiting for the next big one; and all the waves beginning to roll in towards the beach.  On the other side of the airplane you can see the perfectly etched and carved coastline rising high in places with deeply eroded cliffs and bluffs.   The waves come crashing in to the beaches, sometimes over rocky terrain, sometimes crashing into the steep bluffs; some waves come in over fine sand leaving a lacey trace of its tidal motions.    Eventually the high spots give way to low lands and populated beaches when weather allows.  The northern and central coasts gives views of rugged coastal lands, huge rock formations,  heavy forestation, and other areas where trees are sparse.  There are Redwood forests,  rolling hills, beaches populated with seals, and expensive coastal properties.  The southern coast also has views of some very expensive coastal properties, plus the old Torrey Pine trees, and the edge of our country where it meets up with Mexico.  Of course you only get to see this much when the marine layer that often coats the coastline in certain locations and seasons gives way to be able to see it all.  It’s exhilarating to see coastal cities and towns from the air, and areas that appear largely untouched.  By comparison, the diversity of terrain, flora and fauna,  and population is extreme in some areas.  There are so many diverse and beautiful areas in coastal California, and lots to explore.

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The California coastline is quite a vision to behold, with a great diversity of weather, terrain, eco systems,  and population hubs.


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