“Blocks”: Sea; Palm Trees; Swirls.

“Blocks” are a new graphic design series coming out, each block will be different.  This one has a few interpretations:  The 1st block is the sea, but it could also be mountains;  the 2nd block is 3 palm trees by the ocean (part of which is my logo); and the 3rd block reminded me of cinnamon swirls.  All happy thoughts.  (The outside gray/white checkered part means that part is transparent and does not print.)

TO ORDER:    All artwork sold will be a better quality than shown here,  it will have a higher resolution, and the water mark will be removed.  This artwork can be printed on paper, canvas, wood, or metal;  with or without a frame.  This can also be printed on many different items such as on t-shirts, masks, bags, totes, phone cases, phone chargers, cards, pillows, yoga mats, large towels, and so much more by clicking on this link  –  https://pixels.com/profiles/nl-galbraith

or you can also click on https://teespring.com/stores/nl-galbraith-fine-art with this artwork printed on many items like masks, stickers, fanny packs, totes; and clothing options from babies to adults like t-shirts, hoodies, leggings, and more;

Each link above carries different products you can print this artwork on, and in many different colors, so check them out!





Add-ons total:



“Blocks” is a graphic row made up of 3 different graphic designs in a block, placed together.  Many more graphic blocks will soon be introduced here, so keep checking back for new ones.


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