The”Crimson Red Flower” was on exhibit all month in February and won an award!

This flower is one in a fun assortment of colorful organic and spikey flowers.  Keep checking back as I will be adding more flowers in other colors that you can order.  I also have many of these flowers on a vine that look great printed on a t-shirt, a pillow, a bedspread, and other items.

This painting began after a big storm had washed out and flooded out many homes, completely disrupting so many lives.  About a week after the flood water subsided, I noticed in a photograph that one single red flower was standing tall.  It survived a horrible ordeal, yet it’s roots were strong, and it rebounded like a sign as if to tell everyone that they would rebound and flourish again, too.   And they did.  After a storm, the sun always comes back, and causes the fragrant and beautiful flowers to bloom again.  Regeneration in nature is amazing and astonishing!  And it is with people, too.

FYI – This is an award winning painting of a “spikey red flower”.   It was painted with alcohol ink.  It is copyrighted so no one else can sell this art, like most of my artwork, which makes for unique and exclusive gifts that you can only get through my website and my stores.

TO ORDER:    All artwork sold will be a better quality than shown here,  it will have a higher resolution, and the water mark will be removed.  This artwork can be printed on paper, canvas, wood, or metal;  with or without a frame.  This can also be printed on many different items such as on t-shirts, masks, bags, totes, phone cases, phone chargers, cards, pillows, yoga mats, oversized towels, and so much more by clicking on this link  –

or you can click this link also- to get this artwork printed on many items like masks, fanny packs, mugs, stickers; clothing options from babies to adults like t-shirts, hoodies, leggings, and more.

Each link above carries different products you can print this artwork on, and in many different colors, so check them out!



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Flowers bring smiles, from the fragrant aroma of them,  to the sheer beauty of them.


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