A New Life

A New Life shows people walking away from their old life into a new life with Jesus Christ.  The people are walking on a wide, flat, white area, with blue skies and puffy white clouds ahead.  This mixed media piece symbolizes that when you give your heart to Jesus, God no longer sees your past mistakes they are left behind, he only sees you holy now, faultless, and blameless before Him.

TO ORDER:  All orders will be a better quality with a higher resolution, and all watermarks will be removed.  You can order this art image printed on quality paper, canvas, acrylic, or metal; framed or unframed.  You can also order this image printed on many different items that make great gifts such as on: mugs, puzzles, phone cases, chargers,  cards, stationary, t-shirts, tote bags, and many more items by going to:  https://pixels.com/featured/a-new-life-nl-galbraith.html


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