You are currently viewing NL Galbraith’s new painting “The Cellist’s Sweet Note”.

NL Galbraith’s new painting “The Cellist’s Sweet Note”.

Introducing a new #painting by #NL #Galbraith titled the #”Cellist’s Sweet Note”.

We’ve all seen that look on a #muscian’s face from time to time.  One of being lost in the #music, of becoming one with a special sequence or combination of #notes, or just one #sweet #note held a long time.  With her eyes closed, it’s a look of complete unity and  satisfaction with the #music.

TO ORDER:  All prints will be a better quality (higher resolution) and the watermark will be removed.  You can order fine art copies in many different sizes, framed or unframed, on paper, canvas, wood or metal; or  with the artwork printed on many different items such as on t-shirts,  towels, stationary, pillows, and more.  To see more of NL Galbraith’s artwork and photography,  or to make an order, use this link to her website at  – 

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