NL Galbraith Is A Featured Artist In Fine Art America's Art Competition!

On July 26, 2020 NL Galbraith is awarded again, this time as a “Featured Artist” in Fine Art America’s “Artist Boutique. ” Her watercolor painting titled, “Leaving The Islands By Boat” is a view of boating away from tropical islands, with a sparkling wake behind them. The mountainous islands in the background have palm trees, sandy beaches, and turquoise blue waters.   It was the end of a beautiful sun filled vacation on the beach, and one that will be repeated as necessary.   It’s a relaxed and happy, but sad to go moment.  You can view and purchase  a giclee print of this painting, as well as many other items with this painting printed on it on her website at  –   NL Galbraith Fine  at this link    –  –   or through her site at Fine Art America at This award comes right after NL was awarded on July 1, 2020 with a “Special Merit Award” from Light, Space, & Times’s “Primary Colors” art competition for another painting.