You are currently viewing New Colors of “Aqua Palm Tops” Digital Series
NL Galbraith's "Aqua Palm Tops" on exhibit in San Diego.

New Colors of “Aqua Palm Tops” Digital Series

Exciting New Colors of "Aqua Palm Tops" Digital Series

New colors of this digital art series are available. “Aqua Palm Tops”, is in the Transitions Exhibition at the Poway Center For Performing Arts until 11/28; and will continue online through until 12/31.

Bold new colors are also available in the "Aqua Palm Tops" digital art series.

So many color choices are available now, including the bold palette colors seen above, and some softer color choices as well.  Each is named with the dominant background color + “Palm Tops”.  One of these colors is sure to fit your decor, or to build a room around.

To see more colors go to and click on the graphics section.