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Crimson Red Flower; survivor and rebounder of a storm.

New Artist: 2 More Paintings On Exhibit!

Two more paintings by the new online artist, NL Galbraith, are accepted into the “Red” 2020 show! That makes four paintings in less than two months that NL Galbraith has been awarded  to show in exhibitions!  The two newest paintings awarded into this fine art show are titled “Crimson Red Flower”, and “Waiting For You”.  The Crimson Red Flower can be enlarged up to 48″ x 48″, making a big bold statement.  NL has an entire series of single flowers in different colors that can be printed in small, medium, large, and jumbo sizes.  The large and jumbo sizes make great “impact art”.  You might get a few “Wows”, too.

These two paintings will both be exhibited for the entire month of February 2020 at the Colors of Humanity Art Gallery (.com). NL Galbraith supports many worthy causes, and a portion of funds from this entire exhibit goes to the Red Cross, making this art organization top notch in NL’s book. You can also see these paintings at,  including seeing them in many different designer styled room settings, colors, color schemes, and framing choices. On NL’s website you will also find the story behind each painting, i.e.: of the spikey and lively “Crimson Red Flower”, and of the small dog sitting on the sofa in “Waiting For You”. The story in the later, might just melt your heart.


NL Galbraith has been painting on and off for over 25 years. She was educated in the interior design field and had her own interior design business for many years. Many homes and businesses in the south west have her artistic touches in them. What you surround yourself with, can influence your life. Set the stage well. Live well with art!


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