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Discovered on a hike, environmentally perfect.

2nd Painting On Exhibit ! 2

“The Golden Clearing By The Water’s Edge”is the 2nd painting of NL Galbraith that Fusion Arts from Palm Springs, California, also juried in as an exhibition finalist winner in their 5th Annual Landscape Competition in January 2020.   This painting will be on exhibit on Fusion Art’s website for the entire month of January 2020. This painting originated from a memory of a hike taken many years ago into the high Sierra Mountain Range, when NL came upon this beautiful golden clearing at the edge of the timber line, next to a crystal clear lake  from the snow pack melting off.  The lake was full of rainbow trout (thanks in part to the US Forestry Service and Fish and Game stocking it by air), and so was its rapid like stream shooting off from it.   NL and her hiking buddy stopped for a picnic lunch and sat awhile to soak up and take in the beautiful panoramic view.  It felt as if they were the first people to ever see that spot.  It was environmentally perfect. They were glad places like this exist and are protected by organizations and government from development.  They sat quietly and watched nature in action for awhile as a pair of hawks did a dance over the lake in an “aaaah” moment, and they caught a glimpse of a couple of deer including what they thought was a 10 point buck on the far shore.  They packed out everything they packed in, so no trace was left behind other than a slight foot print, a great memory and smiles. Habitat protection for  the bears, mountain lions, wolves, deer and other wildlife,  including some on the endangered species list, allow these magnificent  creatures  to enjoy some of the most picturesque places, and some dangerous places as well, many with extreme terrain or  extreme temperature changes.  Most people never get to see or fully experience places like this (only in pictures).   The Fish and Game Department; along with the US Forestry Service; the Environmental Defense Fund; the Nature Conservancy; the Natural Resources Defense Council;  American Rivers;  and the Trust for Pubic Land (to name a few involved in the US); plus so many more non-profit organizations  in the US and worldwide, help to keep the balance between man and nature, including protecting animals, birds, and fish.  They also help to establish and maintain the environment, and the ecological balance to preserve our national  and international treasures, for…

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Keep dreaming upward

Environment, precursor to success?

Certainly a supportive environment from youth, helps people to grow and do amazing things in their lifetime. Not all of us get a strong dose of that though. Artwork that mirrors our dreams, can help us stay the course, or bring us back when we veer off course. Especially if that artwork moved us in the first place. Surround yourself with visions of higher aspirations, that evoke feel-good emotions, and motivate you to go onward and upward. Live well with art. :)

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Fusion Arts featured the :Fullerton Arboretum" as an exhibition finalist winner, and will show NL Galbraith's artwork through January 2020.

Finalist in Art Competition

Two landscapes are exhibition finalist winners! One shows a sunlit pathway over a small bridge with a variety of plants at the Fullerton Arboretum. The other painting shows a golden clearing next to a mountain lake, at the timberline with mountains all around. It's all about sustainability and conservation, issues which are all in man's hands.

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