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Fishing boats on the ocean with ominous weather ahead.


"Fishermen" Fishermen heading out for deeper water with a storm brewing ahead, have their rods out and ready, trolling for the first catch of the day.  This is my version of an old painting that is out in the public domain. For more information and to order click on our sister site here: orders will have a higher resolution and the watermark will be removed.  

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Colorful "Cool Cat" is a fun watercolor painting to brighten your life.

Cool Cat

"Cool Cat", abstract watercolor painting by NL Galbraith. This dynamic abstract watercolor painting of a multicolored cat's face by NL Galbraith is so colorful and fun.  This image can also be printed on many different products beyond wall art,  making this a great gift for any cat lover!  (All watermarks will be removed and the image will be sharper with a higher resolution.)  For more information about "Cool Cat" and other works of  NL Galbraith's art go to our sister site by clicking on this link here  -    

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This large Queen Anne palm tree is colorful and lively.

A Golden Palm

A Golden Palm  A golden palm tree of many colors stands tall in the yard of a turquoise house with lavender trees and hedges.    For more information about this image go to our affiliate site here at:

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Yosemite Valley’s Rock Bridge

Yosemite Valley's Rock Bridge A mossy arched rock bridge spans a colorful river in the valley in Yosemite National Park in winter.  A few redwoods show through the leafless forest. For more information about this image please click on our website here at:                            or on our affiliate link here at:

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I couldn't identify what that flying machine in the center really is, nor the white dots in formation.

A UFO’s Frozen Flight

A UFO's Frozen Flight This photograph is of a frozen, snowy winter day in Nevada, over 20 years ago. When I tried to clean the photograph up a bit, I noticed a spot in the center of the sky. When I enlarged the photo, it is a flying machine of some type with white dots in formation on the outskirts on both sides. I don't know what it is, maybe a UFO? It looks like a catamaran without a sail.  It's not a plane or a helicopter or a sail or a kite.  And the small dots in formation on both sides of the object are also strange.  I'm not sure I believe in UFO's per say, but this is an  unidentified flying machine to me, and frankly, a surprise.  This image comes in a little better quality with a higher resolution.  For more information, click on our sister site here at:         then click on photographs and mixed media.

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More waterfalls of Yosemite.

More Of Yosemite’s Waterfalls

More Of Yosemite's Waterfalls Yosemite's waterfalls are spectacular!  Everywhere you look, Yosemite National Park has more beautiful surprises in store.  I came across this roaring waterfall as I was leaving the park.  The thundering water just plunged off a cliff straight down in a freefall about 3-4 stories tall sending mist everywhere, and ending up in this beautiful blue pool of fresh mountain water.For more information about this image, or others, please visit my website at:        or at:

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Sailing The Big Blue Pacific Ocean On The “Star Of India”

The "Star Of India" sailing ship is the 4th oldest ship in the US, and the world's 2nd oldest active sailing ship. She was built in Great Britain in 1863 and was originally named the Euterpe. She helped build the US, defend the US, and established trading routes.

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Beautiful, “Surprise Beyond The Blue Tiled Stairs”

Beautiful, "Surprise Beyond The Blue Tiled Stairs" This beautiful and charming  award winning painting will brighten up any decor, and become a conversation piece."Surprise Beyond The Blue Tiled Stairs" is a very large acrylic painting that has won competitions. This giclee print offered is a 3/4 view (seen here) which works best for framing. The painting is based upon two questions: I often ask when exploring new places..."I wonder where that leads to?" and "If you could see anyone sitting up at the top of the stairs and around the corner waiting for you, who would it be?" All orders will be a better quality image with a higher resolution, and the watermark will be removed.  This beautiful image can be printed on paper, canvas, wood, or metal; and on many different products by clicking on our sister site at:

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Colorful Little Italy In San Diego 2004

Colorful Little Italy In San Diego 2004 A colorful urban photograph of Little Italy in San Diego in 2004 during  "Art Walk", an art street fair.   Even today, many artists show their newest paintings at these types of ongoing street fairs set in a busy part of the city with high rises all around.  Fun for everyone!   This part of San Diego has been a very successful part of an ongoing  redevelopment plan.To see sizes and other items this can be printed on, go to: Powered by amazon easy store franchise

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