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Fusion Arts featured the :Fullerton Arboretum" as an exhibition finalist winner, and will show NL Galbraith's artwork through January 2020.

Finalist in Art Competition

Exciting News for the New Year!  January 11, 202

                                 Awesome Start for a New Online Artist!

1ST time ever NL Galbraith submits her art – she becomes a finalist winner TWICE! NL Galbraith’s paintings titled the “Fullerton Arboretum” and “The Golden Clearing By The Water’s Edge” are finalist winners in Fusion Art’s 5th Landscape Competition.

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. – Jan. 11, 2020 – PRLog — The very first competition NL Galbraith submitted any of her artwork to is  Fusion Arts, based in Palm Springs, California.  Fusion Arts awarded  her the honor of being an exhibition finalist winner, with two of her paintings.  She submitted these paintings into Fusion Art’s competition hoping to bring the Fullerton Arboretum to the forefront of people’s minds, together with sustainability issues of our forests and food supplies.  She stated, “I was so pleased to find out that out these paintings,  the “Fullerton Arboretum” and “The Golden Clearing By the Water’s Edge”, were included as finalist winners.”  Both landscape paintings are now on exhibition and available to view through Fusion Art online for the month of January 2020, and of course on NL Galbraith’s website a little longer.   A copy will also be available to view soon in Oak Hall at the Fullerton Arboretum.  To learn more about the Fullerton Arboretum or to purchase giclee prints of NL’s exhibition finalist winning paintings, go to the website of NL Galbraith Fine Art at  A portion of every sale of this painting, the “Fullerton Arboretum”,  will be donated to the Fullerton Arboretum to help support their ongoing care and maintenance of this rare, special, and needed facility located on the outer edge of the California State University, Fullerton campus.

     It was professional photographer David’s Ricks’ gorgeous  photograph that inspired NL Galbraith to want to paint it, together with the importance of this facility.   It is with David Ricks’ permission and that of the Fullerton Arboretum that this painting exists to enjoy at all. (Credit: David Ricks for his great  photograph.  

Fullerton Arboretum
The Golden Clearing By The Water's Edge

      The 2nd painting, “The Golden Clearing By The Water’s Edge”  was painted from a memory of a hike taken many years ago into the high Sierra’s, when NL came upon this beautiful golden clearing at the edge of the timber line, next to a crystal clear lake  from the snow melt off that was full of rainbow trout.  Giclee prints of this painting in many sizes (up to 5 feet wide), and many other painting’s giclees, are available to purchase from the website of NL Galbraith at  

(*Note –  For more detailed information about why NL Galbraith painted  “The Golden Clearing By The Water’s Edge”,  please see the full post coming soon on that painting.  It may change your viewpoint.)


The Fullerton Arboretum is a large 26 acre botanical garden located on the outer edge of the California State College campus, in the City of Fullerton, California.  It has such a wide variety of plant species (over 4,000) from all over the world, that there’s something new and different everywhere you look. It’s a little slice of paradise in the middle of a bustling world, and well worth the visit and the ensuing enlightenment it gives.  The facility is a treasure trove for exploration, education, R & D, and the hope for superior sustainability applications of plants and trees for the future.  Sustainable forests and sustainable food sources are issues in which we should all be knowledgeable participants.  Beyond being one of the best arboretums anywhere, and the great museum they have, the friendly staff at the Arboretum gives classes and educational tours to schools and to the public on everything from gardening to medicinal uses of plants, and more.   It opens its doors many times a year as an event venue, and  for fund raising events including ones for the ongoing care and maintenance the Fullerton Arboretum requires.  Due to so many beautiful and uniquely scenic spots in the gardens and it’s meandering trails,rumor has it that it’s a wonderful and memorable place to propose, to have weddings, and other gatherings, too

                                  Donations are appreciated at the Fullerton Arboretum to help support this treasured facility.