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Jesus is born!

The Star of Bethlehem

The Star of Bethlehem On the night that baby Jesus, God's only Son, was born, a new and bright star shown in the heavens.  It was so bright that three wise men followed it to Bethlehem and found baby Jesus, our Lord and Savior,  laying in a manger as the angels of the Lord had told them they would.   He would take away all the sins of the world and give each one everlasting life, new life.  This is Christmas, the holy day that Jesus Christ was born.                   and                    

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NL Galbraith’s “Green Shade Tree” wins Honorable Mention!

NL Galbraith's "Green Shade Tree" Wins Honorable Mention! A simple full green leafy tree, with grass and shade underneath it.  This painting won an "Honorable Mention" in Fine Art America's contest for a "Single Tree" competition, out of 415 submissions in August of 2020.TO ORDER COPIES of this artwork (prints on paper, canvas, wood, or metal; framed or unframed), or printed on t-shirts, face masks,  beach towels, phone cases, phone chargers, stationary, bedding, pillows, shower curtains, coffee mugs and many more items, please click on this link:         You can also find this artwork soon printed on many more items at

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A pop of color livens things up.

Game Time

Game Time "Game Time" is about spending time together in fun ways.  It is a reminder to make fun times happen, to break out the old games collecting dust in the attic and engage in a mind challenging game with family and friends.  (FYI -This piece was copyrighted under "graphic dot strip",  then later it was tweaked a bit and renamed Game Time.   This can be blown up to about 7 feet wide for a big bold splash of color.TO ORDER:  This piece can be printed on paper, canvas, wood, or metal.  You can also order this printed on many different items such as t-shirts, big towels, tapestries, face masks, coffee mugs, and many more items by clicking on this link -

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Design Rooms Artfully: Steps #1 & #2

If you want your art to look like a master piece, then these tips should help take some of the guess work out, and make your artwork really stand out.

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