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More waterfalls of Yosemite.

More Of Yosemite’s Waterfalls

More Of Yosemite's Waterfalls Yosemite's waterfalls are spectacular!  Everywhere you look, Yosemite National Park has more beautiful surprises in store.  I came across this roaring waterfall as I was leaving the park.  The thundering water just plunged off a cliff straight down in a freefall about 3-4 stories tall sending mist everywhere, and ending up in this beautiful blue pool of fresh mountain water.For more information about this image, or others, please visit my website at:        or at:

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Morro Rock Dusk Walk

Morro Rock Dusk Walk In this photograph, a couple take a beach walk at sunset by Morro Rock in central California.  A gentle golden glow follows the soft waves by this massive rock in Morro Bay.  A perfect ending for a day. TO ORDER:  You can order this image printed on paper, canvas, metal, or wood; framed or unframed; and in many different sizes.  You can also order this image printed on many different products such as on t-shirts, pillows, cards, face masks, phone cases, and more by clicking on our website link at  or on our partner link here at:

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The Mission Beach Roller Coaster

The Mission Beach Roller Coaster The Mission Beach Roller Coaster is also known as The Giant Dipper.  It is a wooden roller coaster that was built in 1925, and still beckons thrill seekers.  With a maximum speed of 55 mph and the largest drop of 60 feet, only the brave dare ride it.  As you walk or drive by you can hear the riders yell out with oohs and aahs and squeals of delight as they ride the course.  This roller coaster is located a stones throw away from the Pacific Ocean in the  Belmont Amusement Park in Mission Beach, part of sunny San Diego California.  You can also order this image with an orange sky, a magenta sky, a yellow sky, or a blue sky with pink and gold structural beams.  A fun addition to any interior. This image can be printed on paper, canvas, wood, or metal, framed or unframed; or printed on many different items such as on throw pillows, phone cases, face masks, cards, and more by clicking on or on our partner link here at: All orders will be a better quality image with a higher resolution, and the watermark will be removed.  All of NL Galbraith's artwork is copyright protected. Powered byWP Support and Maintenance

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Colorful & Beautiful, “Surprise Beyond The Blue Tiled Stairs”

Beautiful & Colorful, "Surprise Beyond The Blue Tiled Stairs" This beautiful acrylic painting with blue tiled stairs by NL Galbraith has been featured, a top finisher, and won awards several times over since its release in 2020.  Its colorful and happy feeling has a  connection between exploring new places and wondering what's around the corner, which is what this painting is all about.  If you could  climb the blue tiled stairs, what or who would you like to see around the corner at the top of the stairs?  It's different for everyone.

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