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Colorful "Cool Cat" is a fun watercolor painting to brighten your life.

Cool Cat

"Cool Cat", abstract watercolor painting by NL Galbraith. This dynamic abstract watercolor painting of a multicolored cat's face by NL Galbraith is so colorful and fun.  This image can also be printed on many different products beyond wall art,  making this a great gift for any cat lover!  (All watermarks will be removed and the image will be sharper with a higher resolution.)  For more information about "Cool Cat" and other works of  NL Galbraith's art go to our sister site by clicking on this link here  -    

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This large Queen Anne palm tree is colorful and lively.

A Golden Palm

A Golden Palm  A golden palm tree of many colors stands tall in the yard of a turquoise house with lavender trees and hedges.    For more information about this image go to our affiliate site here at:

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Yosemite Valley’s Rock Bridge

Yosemite Valley's Rock Bridge A mossy arched rock bridge spans a colorful river in the valley in Yosemite National Park in winter.  A few redwoods show through the leafless forest. For more information about this image please click on our website here at:                            or on our affiliate link here at:

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I couldn't identify what that flying machine in the center really is, nor the white dots in formation.

A UFO’s Frozen Flight

A UFO's Frozen Flight This photograph is of a frozen, snowy winter day in Nevada, over 20 years ago. When I tried to clean the photograph up a bit, I noticed a spot in the center of the sky. When I enlarged the photo, it is a flying machine of some type with white dots in formation on the outskirts on both sides. I don't know what it is, maybe a UFO? It looks like a catamaran without a sail.  It's not a plane or a helicopter or a sail or a kite.  And the small dots in formation on both sides of the object are also strange.  I'm not sure I believe in UFO's per say, but this is an  unidentified flying machine to me, and frankly, a surprise.  This image comes in a little better quality with a higher resolution.  For more information, click on our sister site here at:         then click on photographs and mixed media.

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