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Design Rooms Artfully: Steps #1 & #2

If you want your art to look like a master piece, then these tips should help take some of the guess work out, and make your artwork really stand out.

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Keep dreaming upward

Environment, precursor to success?

Certainly a supportive environment from youth, helps people to grow and do amazing things in their lifetime. Not all of us get a strong dose of that though. Artwork that mirrors our dreams, can help us stay the course, or bring us back when we veer off course. Especially if that artwork moved us in the first place. Surround yourself with visions of higher aspirations, that evoke feel-good emotions, and motivate you to go onward and upward. Live well with art. :)

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Fusion Arts featured the :Fullerton Arboretum" as an exhibition finalist winner, and will show NL Galbraith's artwork through January 2020.

Finalist in Art Competition

Two landscapes are exhibition finalist winners! One shows a sunlit pathway over a small bridge with a variety of plants at the Fullerton Arboretum. The other painting shows a golden clearing next to a mountain lake, at the timberline with mountains all around. It's all about sustainability and conservation, issues which are all in man's hands.

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