NL Galbraith Fine Art

NL Galbraith has been painting on and off for over 25 years.  She was educated in the interior design field and had her own interior design business for many years. She converted many outdated  and  bland spaces into inspirational interiors all over the Southwest. In every project she worked on, the ergonomics, proportion/scale,  lighting, color, and artwork were always important factors in setting the stage for successful and harmonious living, in both residential and commercial properties.

She started out painting  a few small commissions on the side for people by doing decorative painting, faux finishes, murals, and trompe l’oeil work in homes. Word spread and referrals kept coming in, so she continued painting along with her interior design projects. 

Over the years she took many classes and workshops to improve and hone her art skills.  She also attended art trade shows; read books; watched tutorial video’s; and became even better from her mother’s critique’s and teachings.  Her mother is a well regarded published pastel portrait and still life artist with amazing talents who always won awards in competitions. Her home was like an art gallery.   NL had the idea in 2018 and later  began putting together a website with her art.  Her website was finally launched in early January of 2020.  For people who have difficulty visualizing what her art might look like in different surroundings, NL placed her artwork in various room settings, with different frames and sizes, and different color schemes to better envision and take some of the guess work away.  It also serves to give people some design ideas regarding art framing, placement, effective lighting techniques, and  highlighting tips with contrast.

In January 2020, NL Galbraith was awarded as an exhibition finalist in Fusion Art’s 5th Annual Landscape Competition.  This was the first time NL had ever submitted any of her work into a competition.  She was so pleased to find out that not one, but two, of her paintings made it into the competition as  finalists and would be shown on Fusion Art’s website for the month of January.  The paintings  they showed are titled the “Fullerton Arboretum” and “The Golden Clearing By The Water’s Edge”. The Fullerton Arboretum is an amazing facility that develops and teaches about sustainability issues of our forests and our food supplies, in association with California State University in Fullerton. The painting exists because of professional photographer David Ricks’ beautiful photograph  which he allowed NL to paint. 

Next, in February 2020, NL Galbraith was awarded again as an exhibition finalist in The Colors of Humanity Art Gallery’s juried competition “Red”.  Two more of her paintings were exhibited in this show for the entire month of February 2020.  The paintings are titled the “Crimson Red Flower” and “Waiting For You”. 

Then in March 2020, NL Galbraith was awarded as an exhibition finalist in Fusion Art’s “Colors” competition.  Again, two more of her paintings made it into the show and were seen on Fusion Art’s website for the month of March.  The colorful paintings that were honored for inclusion to this prestigious competition are titled, “Surprise Beyond The Blue Tiled Stairs”, and “Five Palms”.

That makes six paintings of hers on exhibit in less than three months.    All of NL Galbraith’s paintings have interesting stories that you can read on her website.   The first two paintings from Fusion Art’s competition are about conservation and preservation, bio-diversity, eco systems, and more.  The third painting is more about strength and resiliency, and the fourth painting is about a sweet rescue dog from the animal shelter.   The fifth painting is from a photo of a trip to Mexico with a colorful blue and white tiled stairway with terra cotta flower pots above on a ledge;  and the sixth painting is a colorful graphic of five palm trees with waves below (a portion of which has become her logo).  You can read more about all six of these paintings on her website page of the artwork;  on her blog  where NL incorporates many interior design tips; and some on LinkedIn. 

After taking a short break due to Covid-19, in June of 2020 NL submitted some paintings into the second annual  “Primary Colors” competition.  Her painting “Surprise Beyond The Blue Tiled Stairs”  won a “Special Merit Award”, making it a two time winner, this time out of 772 entries!  This painting will be on exhibit for the entire month of July at Light Space & Time on their online gallery and available here through NL’s website nlgalbraithfineart.com

In August NL submitted her watercolor painting titled  the “Green Shade Tree” into a Fine Art America competition for a single tree.  Her painting won an honorable mention out of 415 submissions by other artists.

Again in August, NL submitted her painting the “Fullerton Arboretum” into another Fine Art America competition for Great Garden Themes and Landscapes, and was honored as a top finisher.

TO ORDER COPIES of this fine art painting and many other art pieces (giclee prints, framed or unframed, or on canvas); or printed on t-shirts, face masks, beach towels, bedding, pillows, stationary, cards, and more items,  please click this link –    https://pixels.com/profiles/nl-galbraith

 NL Galbraith realized  what an impact her artwork had on others about 15 years ago.  She had just finished a beach mural in a young boy’s bedroom.  It had a sandy beach with waves rolling in, a thatched surf shack, palm trees, and a surfboard the young man helped to design.  She came back on the last day to do a few finishing touches to the mural, and found the young man had taped a picture of himself in the waves like he was riding on it. He could see himself surfing in her painting which really tickled NL.

In another mural project, she painted a motocross motorcycle race track all around the room encircling it.  There were two motorcycle rider’s flying through the air on their motorcycles on different walls.  The finish line was painted over the teenager’s bed.   NL was later informed this teenager was excelling and often winning in his motorcycle competitions.

In  another mural she painted a beautiful scene from a photograph taken on a couple’s honeymoon in France that wrapped around the walls of their jetted bathtub.  She couldn’t say for certain, but she believed they re-lived their honeymoon many times over in that tub. 

She did many children’s theme rooms.  In one small project, little bugs, birds, and small creatures were painted  in different rooms.  Every time someone went down the hallway before a big event was coming up, they would touch the ladybug for good luck.  Her artwork was always fun for her to do, and always a happy event for her clients.

NL stated, “One thing is for certain, people react to their environments, and art can inspire people to dream more, and achieve more.”

Ten+ years ago NL had a  life-altering accident seriously injuring both of her knees.  It only takes a second to change one’s life forever.  Surgery only helped a little, so she still ambulates with difficulty today, and is always in pain. The main things that brought her through this so far, is her faith in Jesus Christ, her Mom, and her art.  The accident brought her interior design work to a complete stop, no more remodeling projects, which caused NL to reassess her potential options, and to begin on a new life path.

The painting “Surprise Beyond the Blue Tiled Stairs” was started just after her accident.  She taped a 3′ wide x 6’6″ high canvas up on a closet door, sat on a chair and started painting.  When she was in too much pain or became tired of painting it, she’d roll it up and save it to continue painting it on another day.  It took over eight years intermittently to finish that painting.  The real irony about this painting is, after her accident she could not climb up or down staircases, but she remained optimistic that she would heal one day.  She began painting the “Garden Party” before her prior painting was finished.  Both of these paintings were done from photographs she took on a trip to Mexico before her accident.  Many of her artworks, graphic pieces, and photographs were based on excursions, vacations, and experiences from Nova Scotia to California to Mexico to Hawaii, and many points in between.  She is so thankful she was able to do all the things she did when she still had full mobility.  She misses snow skiing, hiking, and traveling the most.  These days her adventures are on canvas instead. 

In March-April she was preparing to begin doing art festivals to sell her art.  This came to a screeching halt when the Coronavirus hit, like it did with many artists and other people’s livelihoods.   The arts, valid charities, and handicapped people have much fewer options to rebound from this world changing event, and need your support now more than ever.

The artwork she sells is to supplement her income, and to support and place a spotlight on some real issues she feels needs more support (local pounds/animal shelters; teenage mental illness; cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s , and CRPS/pain research; sustainability of our forests and natural resources,  etc.)  This site is a new beginning for her.  She hopes you will enjoy her artwork and buy it, bringing her art into your life or a loved one’s.

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