NL Galbraith Fine Art

NL Galbraith has been painting on and off for over 25 years.  She was educated in the interior design field and had her own interior design business for many years. She converted many outdated  and  bland spaces into inspirational interiors all over the Southwest. In every project she worked on, the ergonomics, proportion/scale,  lighting, color, and artwork were always important factors in setting the stage for successful and harmonious living, in both residential and commercial properties.

She started out painting  a few small commissions on the side for people by doing decorative painting, faux finishes, murals, and trompe l’oeil work in homes. Word spread and referrals kept coming in, so she continued painting along with her interior design projects.  

Over the years she took many classes and workshops to improve and hone her art skills. She believes we learn something new everyday, we should always look for the beauty in people and in nature, and to count our blessings.  She believes in Christianity and that prayer works.  

NL created and launched her art website in early January of 2020.  She began submitting her paintings, graphics, and photographs into competitions.  This is when things began to get more interesting with many of her works being featured,  many honored as a top finisher, and several  winning top awards from numerous competitions. NL is an associate member of the San Diego Museum of Art Artist’s Guild.

TO ORDER COPIES of NL’s fine art paintings, mixed media, and photographs  (giclee prints, framed or unframed, or on canvas); or printed on t-shirts, face masks, beach towels, bedding, pillows, stationary, cards, and more items,  please click this link –    https://pixels.com/profiles/nl-galbraith  .  Some artwork is also available to purchase on NL Galbraith’s personal website here at – https://www.nlgalbraithfineart.com    and more on https://zazzle.com/store/nl_galbraith_fineart      and also on https://teespring.com/stores/nl-galbraith-fine-art    .



In January 2020:

NL Galbraith was awarded as an exhibition finalist in Fusion Art’s 5th Annual Landscape Competition.  This was the first time NL had ever submitted any of her work into a competition.  Two of her paintings made it into the competition as  finalists and were shown on Fusion Art’s website for the month of January.  The paintings  they showed are titled the “Fullerton Arboretum” and “The Golden Clearing By The Water’s Edge”. The Fullerton Arboretum is an amazing facility that develops and teaches about sustainability issues of our forests and our food supplies, in association with California State University in Fullerton. The painting exists because of professional photographer David Ricks’ beautiful photograph  which he allowed NL to paint.

In February 2020:

 NL Galbraith was awarded again as an exhibition finalist in The Colors of Humanity Art Gallery’s juried competition “Red”.  Two more of her paintings were exhibited in this show for the entire month of February 2020.  The paintings are titled the “Crimson Red Flower” and “Waiting For You”.

In March 2020: 

 “Surprise Beyond The Blue Tiled Stairs”, and “Five Palms” were awarded as exhibition finalists in Fusion Art’s “Colors” competition.  They were exhibited on Fusion Art’s website for the month of March.  

In June and July of 2020:

NL submitted her paintings into the second annual  “Primary Colors” competition.  Her painting “Surprise Beyond The Blue Tiled Stairs”  won a “Special Merit Award”, making it a two time winner, this time out of 772 entries!  This painting was on exhibit for the month of July at Light Space & Time.

In August 2020:

The “Green Shade Tree” won honorable mention out of 415 submissions by other artists’ in FAA’s A Single Tree competition.

“The Fullerton Arboretum” was honored as a top finisher in FAA’s  competition for Great Garden Themes and Landscapes.

In September 2020: 

Fine Art America featured several of NL’s photographs and one painting.  The photographs are titled, “Elegant Entrance”, “Colorful Curved Brick Stairway”, and “Stairs to Enlightenment”.  The painting that was featured is named “Surprise Beyond The Blue Tiled Stairs”.  .Later in September Fine Art America’s group “Vertical Images”  featured her photograph “A Delicate Bloom”, and a mixed media piece titled “Palm Park View”.  Still later in September NL’s mixed media piece “Pink Flower on a Vine” was a top finisher.

In October 2020:

The photographs of  “Lahaina Harbor”, “Hawaiian Beach”,  “Island Men”,  and “Island Hula Dancer” were featured by FAA’s Vertical Images..                                       

The Fine Art America group “Fine Art Apparel” featured several photographs and mixed media pieces including  the photograph “The Old Gristmill”.

The Fine Art America group “Christian Theme Artwork”  featured a mixed media piece titled “Our Greatest Gift Is Jesus”.

The San Diego Parks and Recreation Department’s 45th Annual Virtual Age Well Art Exhibit and Contest sponsored by SHARP awarded NL 3rd place for her acrylic painting “Surprise Beyond The Blue Tiled Stairs”.

In November 2020;

The photographs “Cat of the Castle” and “Cobblestone Stairs And A Blue Iron Gate” were featured by FAA’s Frozen In Time.

“Our Greatest Gift is Jesus” was a top finisher in a Christmas Card Contest  for her Christmas tree.

“One Party Palm”; “The Malecon Arches & Miragalante Galleon”; and “Orange Glow Bouquet” were featured by FAA’s Vertical Images.


In January 2021:

“The Violinist’s Serenade” and “Under the Jacaranda Tree” was featured by FAA’s Vertical Images..

“The Warrior’s Flag” was a top finisher in the Essential Worker’s and Health Care Hero’s competition on Fine Art America.

In the Best Country Landscapes competition, the photographs “Yosemite Valley” and “The Back of Half Dome”  both were top finishers.

In the Still Life Florals competition on Fine Art America awarded a special feature to  NL’s photograph of a “Cup Full Of Flowers”.

In the Flags of America competition on Fine Art America, NL was a top finisher with the mixed media piece “The Warrior’s Flag”.

NL also had two mixed media pieces featured in Vertical Images on Fine Art America;  “Caught Some Air Biker” and “Multi Palm Tree Tops”.

In February  2021: 

“The Crimson Red Flower” won 3rd place out of 333 submissions on Fine Art America’s competition Something Red – Make It Pretty!

In March 2021:

The photograph “Bougainvillea Entry” was honored as a top finisher in FAA’s Residential Front Door Views competition.

The photograph “Yosemite’s Sunset At Half Dome” was honored as a top finisher in the Best of Best Landscape Photos FAA competition; and was also honored as a top finisher in the Right Place, Right Time FAA competition

The photograph “A Delicate Bloom” was honored as a top finisher in the Spring Is Here Flower Contest via FAA

In April 2021: 

The photograph  “A Cup Full Of Flowers” was honored as a top finisher  in Your Best Floral Still Life via FAA.

“Fiesta Umbrellas” was featured in the FAA’s Frozen In Time art competition; and was featured as a top finisher in FAA’s Umbrellas and Awnings competition.

“The Green Shade Tree” was featured in FAA’s Favorite Covid 19 Masks.

I”The Green Shade Tree” and “The Golden Clearing By The Water’s Edge” were both featured in FAA’s Tree Painting contest.

“Frozen Mono Lake” was featured in FAA’s Weather Group.

In May 2021:

“We’re In It Together” and “Keep Looking Upward”, were top finishers in Inspirational Art & Uplifting Text.

“The Golden Clearing By The Water’s Edge” was a top finisher in FAA’s Hiking Panoramic Photos and Art.

“Roses Brighten Life” and “A Rim Full Of Flowers” were both top finishers in FAA’s Still Life Florals.

“Looking Up a Palm Tree” and Yosemite’s Half Dome were featured in FAA’s Vertical Images.

In June 2021: 

“Everyone Matters” was a top finisher in FAA’s  George Floyd Life Matters Tribute; and also was featured in FAA’s Vertical Images.

“Leaving The Islands By Boat” was a top finisher in FAA’s Watercolor Ocean And Waves competition.

“Orange Glow” and “Cupful Of Flowers” were both top finishers in FAA’s Still Life Florals Special Feature.

“Colorful Swim For Kids” was a top finisher in FAA’s Fine Art Apparel Children’s Art.

“Electric Geometric Edge” was a top finisher in FAA’s Gold Standard Digital Composition Algorithm by A Woman’s Touch.

“Yellow Rose” was a top finisher in FAA’s Yellow or Gold Roses competition by A Woman’s Touch.

“Red Palm Tops”, “Looking Up A Palm Tree”, and “A Great Surf Day” were all top finishers in FAA’s Palm Trees and Tropical Trees competition.

“Red Palm Tops”, “The Crimson Red Flower” were both top finishers in FAA’s I See Red competition.

In July 2021: 

“White Carousel Horse II” photograph was featured by FAA’s Fine Art Apparel.


NL Galbraith realized  what an impact her artwork had on others about 15 years ago.  She had just finished a beach mural in a young boy’s bedroom.  It had a sandy beach with waves rolling in, a thatched palapa surf shack, palm trees, and a surfboard the young man helped to design.  She came back on the last day to do a few finishing touches to the mural, and found the young man had taped a picture of himself in the waves like he was riding on it. He could see himself surfing in her painting which really tickled NL.

In another mural project, she painted a motocross motorcycle race track all around the room encircling it.  There were two motorcycle rider’s flying through the air on their motorcycles on different walls.  The finish line was painted over the teenager’s bed.   NL was later informed this teenager was excelling and often winning in his motorcycle competitions.

In  another mural she painted a beautiful scene from a photograph taken on a couple’s honeymoon in France that wrapped around the walls of their jetted bathtub.  She couldn’t say for certain, but she believed they re-lived their honeymoon many times over in that tub.

She did many children’s theme rooms.  In one small project, little bugs, birds, and small creatures were painted  in different rooms.  Every time someone went down the hallway before a big event was coming up, they would touch the ladybug for good luck.  Her artwork was always fun for her to do, and always a happy event for her clients.

NL stated, “One thing is for certain, people react to their environments, and art can inspire people to dream more, and achieve more. So set the stage well, and live well with art.”

The artwork she sells is to supplement her income, and to support and place a spotlight on issues she feels needs more support  (local pounds/animal shelters; teenage mental illness; cancer; diabetes;  Alzheimer’s; CRPS/chronic pain research; sustainability of our forests and natural resources; clean air and water;  etc.)  This site is a new beginning for her.  She hopes you will enjoy her artwork and buy it, bringing her art into your life or a loved one’s.