"5 Redwood Forest Colors" by NL Galbraith

 Imagine how boring life would be if all trees were exactly the same… or people.  


Diversity does makes life interesting. Unity and growth makes life strong.  Perspective causes one to look again in a different light and angle… and to evolve, and evolving  re-balances everything again. Seeing  something in a different light, a different color, or from a different vantage point often will transform  that element into a new element and restore  balance.  Then unity and growth continues.  Look at how long the redwood trees in Yosemite National Park have continued to evolve and  grow over thousands of years.  Everything eventually  evolves with the circumstances/elements surrounding it, or perishes.
This piece can be enlarged up to 6′ wide, and companion pieces of the “3 Redwood Forest Colors” are also available at 
This piece, “5 Redwood Forest Colors” works well in areas that need a wider piece of art such as in a conference room,  living room, or hallway.  The “3 Redwood Forest Colors” look great in a bedroom,  a study, or over a fireplace.