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Many things look very different in a different light or angle.

3 Redwood Forest Colors by NL Galbraith

3 Redwood Forest Colors by NL Galbraith

This piece is about perspective.  It is about how different things may look in a different light or from a different angle…sometimes completely changing our mindset or initial position on the matter.  Everything is multi-faceted.

This photograph was taken from the base of a very tall redwood tree in Yosemite National Park.  Even without the diversity of color changes making it’s appearance different, at first glance not many would know it was well over 100 feet tall.  Conversely, after looking at the same tree from a distance and seeing it’s height, one would never see all the smaller broken branches, the new growth up high, or the nest in the upper branches, let alone all the beautiful details in it’s bark and branches. 

So, find something you are on the fence about, and look at it in a different light and from a few different angles.  It just might change your mind and attitude.  I always start with prayer first, that often changes my perspective as well.  Mathew 7:7

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