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Discovered on a hike, environmentally perfect.

2nd Painting On Exhibit ! 2

The Golden Clearing By The Water’s Edge”is the 2nd painting of NL Galbraith that Fusion Arts from Palm Springs, California, also juried in as an exhibition finalist winner in their 5th Annual Landscape Competition in January 2020.   This painting will be on exhibit on Fusion Art’s website for the entire month of January 2020.

This painting originated from a memory of a hike taken many years ago into the high Sierra Mountain Range, when NL came upon this beautiful golden clearing at the edge of the timber line, next to a crystal clear lake  from the snow pack melting off.  The lake was full of rainbow trout (thanks in part to the US Forestry Service and Fish and Game stocking it by air), and so was its rapid like stream shooting off from it.   NL and her hiking buddy stopped for a picnic lunch and sat awhile to soak up and take in the beautiful panoramic view.  It felt as if they were the first people to ever see that spot.  It was environmentally perfect. They were glad places like this exist and are protected by organizations and government from development.  They sat quietly and watched nature in action for awhile as a pair of hawks did a dance over the lake in an “aaaah” moment, and they caught a glimpse of a couple of deer including what they thought was a 10 point buck on the far shore.  They packed out everything they packed in, so no trace was left behind other than a slight foot print, a great memory and smiles.

Habitat protection for  the bears, mountain lions, wolves, deer and other wildlife,  including some on the endangered species list, allow these magnificent  creatures  to enjoy some of the most picturesque places, and some dangerous places as well, many with extreme terrain or  extreme temperature changes.  Most people never get to see or fully experience places like this (only in pictures).   The Fish and Game Department; along with the US Forestry Service; the Environmental Defense Fund; the Nature Conservancy; the Natural Resources Defense Council;  American Rivers;  and the Trust for Pubic Land (to name a few involved in the US); plus so many more non-profit organizations  in the US and worldwide, help to keep the balance between man and nature, including protecting animals, birds, and fish.  They also help to establish and maintain the environment, and the ecological balance to preserve our national  and international treasures, for instance like through re-forestation, and clean air and clean water projects.   When one portion of any of these systems is off kilter, it has a rippling or domino effect that can be life threatening to some of the inhabitants, including people. These are all organizations worth supporting for the outstanding roles they play to keep our environment and  terrain (earth, air, and water)  and all that lives in them happy, healthy, and free.

Most people look at a mountainous landscape painting only cognizant of the beauty of what they see right in front of them.  When one is more enlightened, it’s like taking off a blindfold and seeing with so much more meaning that which cannot be seen with the eyes.  It’s not just a bear habitat, it’s for a mama bear with cubs who is teaching them life skills, to swim and  to catch fish for survival.  It’s not just a hidden den for deer, it’s a shelter protecting them  and their fawn from weather and prey.  It’s not just a lake, it’s a home with clean water for all the animals, and home for rainbow trout and big mouthed bass, and an occasional eagle, or red tailed hawk to take the plunge in; and a stopping off place for migrating ducks and geese.  It’s a refuge for animals, free of the fear of man hunting them, and free of pollution.   It is an entire ecosystem at work from the wildflowers the bees pollinate, to the honeycombs and berries the bears and other animals forage for food.  Downstream it’s also a water source for mankind.  One has to dig a little deeper and become more aware and knowledgeable to see all the other parts that are hidden that make up the whole story of those mountainous vistas,  those endless prairies, clean silt free and trash free waterways, deserts, mesas, shorelines, and more,  that man tries vigilantly to clean up and protect.  It’s an ominous task at times, and not always our fault.  Tsunami waste is still floating out at sea.  We are all  keepers of our planet for everyone, and the next generation and beyond.   NL is  thankful for the outspoken voices that require ecological investigations and  assessments prior to changing nature, such as environmental impact reports, et al.  It could prevent an endangered species from going extinct, or prevent ground water contamination, or air pollution, or even an oil spill.  We all have a right to co-exist on the same planet,  and thrive in a good environment with good health.  All water flows downstream, and sometimes acts of man as well.    Nl Galbraith’s hope is that you see the bigger picture, learn everything you can do, and make a few changes in your lifestyle if necessary to keep the ecological balance, including to reduce or eliminate our carbon footprint.  Tomorrow is coming, and what we do today matters.   Please support those who do protect this earth,  and those who attempt to correct mistakes man has made, including environmental accidents.  Just imagine what the world would be like if they didn’t.

Giclee prints of this painting in many sizes (up to 42″ wide; still working on a 60″+ wide), and many other painting’s giclees, are available to purchase from the website of NL Galbraith at   We can all assist, even in small ways, it all adds up. I will donate a portion of all sales of this painting to help keep the environment healthy.

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